Thurs Nite NFL/NCAAF

Memphis -11 3 units
GB/Philly Over 46.5 2 units
Philly Moneyline 1 unit

NCAAF Game of the Month

Texas A & M -3.5 4 units

AM outgained Auburn by almost 150 yards last year and yet they blew a 10 point lead late on the road.

The Auburn offense was all thru the air in that game they had only 19(!) yards rushing. I know everyone is high on Bo Nix but College Station is notoriously tough to play in and he is a freshman playing his first SEC road game while the Aggies have a much more experienced QB.

Last year Auburn’s offense vs AM was all Stidham. He had 239 yards. Nix hasn’t thrown for that yet this year despite playing Tulane and Kent St.

A and M unfortunately lost their starting RB 2 weeks ago but they should be fine on offense as long as they have Mond, who has faced Clemson twice (lit them up last year they almost won) and they put up a ton of points on LSU. Auburn despite having a killer D line has looked vulnerable at times, Oregon had them dead to rights, even Kent moved the ball on them well at times though the score doesnt really reflect it.

Without the turnovers A and M would have won last year, if they can avoid those and force the freshman into a few mistakes I think they gain some revenge here.

MNF Week 1

New Orleans -6.5

Texans have a revamped defense and some new pieces on offense too, and last year gave up a ton of sacks. Saints are a great home team already and not one you want to play with new players not on the same page as it gets loud. Without Clowney and the guys they lost in the secondary I think NO lights it up tonight, certainly wont be getting any PI calls lol.

NFL Week 1 play of the week

Blog is back! This year I’ll just be making one play every Sunday.
Take Seattle -9.5 over Cincinnati.
Seahawks had the best run game in the league last year and the Bengals were awful against the run. Bengals new coach starting in a tough spot on the road, should be an easy Seahawks win.